Hashtags On Facebook

Facebook is finally rolling out searchable hashtags to better cater to the needs of the Facebook community and take on their strongest rival, Twitter. Facebook is essentially looking at encouraging more real-time public conversations on its platform to carve out a larger portion of the social media pie. So as part of the Facebook community, how would these new features of hashtagging affect how you interact or chat with a stranger with your friends online?

Hashtagging on Facebook is pretty simple; it revolves around the same idea as what you might have already seen on Twitter. Hashtags have become “a vital part of popular culture”, which is essentially a greater social media movement that businesses can leverage on.

Here are the 5 key main features of hashtagging on Facebook:

1) Hashtag Feed

This feature is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of creating an “artificial” hashtag with a plain text on facebook, it is now clickable and it’ll take you to a feed of what other facebook users and Pages are saying about that particular event or topic. As such, a hashtag feed is simply a collation of various posts written by other facebook users that have the same hashtagged topic. Isn’t that great? You can now see the various opinions others have on the same event or topic through this feed!

2) Searchable Hashtags

Searchable hashtags are simple, take for example you are curious about the type of food Macdonald’s has to offer and the taste of it, all you have to do is to search #Macdonald’s and an entire feed of views on their food along with their pictures would appear! It is that easy!

Users can track conversations by searching for hashtags this will bring you to a stream of images, posts, and links all tagged with that phrase that, with the most relevant posts first (by your friends), followed by the most recent ones, publicly-available posts.

3) Clickable Hashtags from Other Social Media Channels

Facebook users have to always face the same problem of having their hashtags from either instagram or twitter turned into plain text when they repost them on Facebook. Facebook has finally fixed that problem; hashtags from other social media channels are now clickable because Facebook has allowed links to be attached to these hashtags when they are reposted.

4) Works with All Languages

Worried about how your hashtags will not work when you’re writing them in a different language? No fret, the hashtags on Facebook work the same even in a different language!

5) Control over Privacy

Unlike Twitter, Facebook has equipped users with a privacy option where they can either select to have their hashtagged posts publicized or visible only to their friends. Ultimately, this provides Facebook users with control over their privacy unlike Twitter where everyone can have access to the posts.

Seems like Facebook has packed a pocketful of sunshine for their users, but it doesn’t end here. Facebook is looking at incorporating a trending hashtag feature onto the site. Brace yourself for the goodness that is about to arrive!

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