Retro Interior Design

Interior Design has come a long way in our country. Home renovations melbourne Once upon a time only the very wealthy could afford an Interior Design professional to come to their home and design their space. Now, with design networks and channels on cable, anyone can try their hand at being an Interior Designer. Do you like 1950’s Interior Design? Go onto your favorite designer celebrity’s website and get hints and tips on the best way to make your 1950’s Interior Design.

If you are thinking that 1950’s Interior Design is not your cup of tea, you may want to rethink your point of view. Interior Design is not only about kitschy bowls and figurines; it is also about class, modernism, and new ways of using colors. Think you do not like 1950’s Interior Design, look at your local furniture store, most of their modern furniture is fashioned after 1950’s Interior Design.

You may be doubtful about the veracity of that claim, but it is true, 1950’s Interior Design has made a comeback, and you probably are sitting in a chair inspired by 1950’s Interior Design as you are reading this. Most people generally think about a lime green vinyl sofa when they think about 1950’s Interior Design, or they think about the funky green glass jug their grandmother uses to pour lemonade. In reality, just like every other ear, 1950’s Interior Design had its poor choices too. And like most people, you are remembering the very worst of 1950’s Interior Design rather than its very best.

Now you are wondering what that very best could be so here is an exercise for you. Close your eyes and think about a modern sofa that you saw at your local furniture store. It has a lower back, is comfortable to sit in, but has just enough cushioning to make it comfortable and not too much to ruin the clean symmetrical look of the lines. The legs are either a dark wood or chrome and it is large enough to seat five people comfortably. Now, instead of seeing it in the black leather they have on it in the store, envision a burnt orange or a deep green; if you can see it, then you are seeing a sofa from the best of 1950’s Interior Design.

You do not have to stop their either. Have you ever been into a country style kitchen that has an oven with three or four compartments? That is a throwback from 1950’s Interior Design. You like those martini glasses with the fun colors and wavy stems? You guessed it, taken directly from 1950’s Interior Design. So, before you make a hasty decision about an era of design based on a few bad design choices, do a little research and don’t be surprised if you find something you like.